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What Do You Really Sell?  One obvious answer is whatever descriptions are on your invoices….but that is seldom what the customer is buying.   Moving from your invoice descriptions to your marketing narratives about features, benefits, value platforms etc. seems like a better answer but only from that proverbial 40,000 ft. view.  We all know customers buy for their reasons – not yours – so the challenge is to sort out those buying reasons BEFORE the decision is made. For those leaders or teams whose responsibilities include generating revenue to fund the business, deliver profit and grow the company, join our April meeting to learn:

  • How decisions are made
  • How to describe your business in the prospect’s world
  • Why feature and benefit based sales campaigns don’t work

About the Speaker

Carl Moe’s background includes decades of senior executive roles in global, growth organizations.  He has conducted businesses in 15 countries outside North America, serves on multiple boards, chairs the Chief Revenue Officer Executive Roundtable and holds both engineering and business degrees from the University of Michigan.