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Real ROI. Making Your Marketing Dollars Work.

Digital marketing – You know you need it, you’ve read the success stories, you’re finally ready to get started. A quick Google search leaves your head spinning and paralyzed by the sheer number of acronyms you’re facing PPC, SEO, CMS, CTR, SEM, UX! Our January panel is a collection of Twin Cities marketers who have made their careers in digital (and beyond!) They live and breathe digital and are well-equipped to guide you as we discuss marketing strategy, SEO, website, and social media best practices and trends. The only constant in marketing is change – prepare your business for what 2018 brings. Expert panelists include Darin Lynch, Allison Wasz, Sam Romain, and Tanya MacLeod. We’ll discuss and answer your marketing conundrums:

Where should you focus your marketing energy?
What is a good benchmark to measure ROI be on your business’ marketing spend?
What social media platform is the right investment for your business, today, tomorrow?
What is search engine optimization and why it should be a part of your business’ marketing strategy?